10 Ways for Tweens to Make Money This Summer

10 Ideas for Tweens to Earn Money this Summer. Older kids can earn some extra cash with these easy chore ideas. #tween #tweens #parenting #summer

Ten Ideas for Tweens to Make Money This Summer

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Tweens seem to always have something they want, and it usually means parents are constantly handing over cash. Most parents want to be able to give their kids the world, but handing them everything they want doesn’t teach them the responsibility that comes with money management. If your tweens are looking for extra cash for ice cream, the local fair, or new school supplies, suggest some of these simple ideas for tweens to make money this summer. 

Pet sitting

With plenty of people heading out-of-town for long weekends in the summer, pet sitters are in high demand. A responsible tween with a little bit of parental supervision can take on the task of going over to feed and water animals, change litter boxes, or let the dogs out a couple of times a day.

Dog Walking

Many friends and neighbors will be happy to hire a tween to take their dog on a walk while they’re at work or if they can’t handle long walks in the heat of summer. Be sure that your child takes time to get to know each dog and how they react before heading out on their own.

Mother’s Helper

Every mom with young children can use an extra set of hands to help out around the house. Even if they’re not ready for full-fledged babysitting, tweens can keep little ones entertained while parents get things done or can assist with chores to take some small things off parents’ plates.

Yard Sale

Have your tween clean out their clothing and toys, then sell them at a yard sale. They may need your help to decide on the right pricing. You’ll be reducing the amount of clutter around the house and they’ll put a little cash in their piggy bank.

Odd Jobs for Neighbors

Tweens can ask around the neighborhood to see if people have small odd jobs that they can help with. Many times, people put off small, tedious tasks and a willing tween is a great one to turn to in order to get things done. Make sure you know the neighbors they are helping or go with them while they do their jobs. Tweens aren’t quite ready to head out door to door on their own.

Helping Hands for Elderly or Ill

Elderly or ill friends and family would be happy to have some affordable help around the house to complete some of the tasks that are no longer easy for them to complete. Tweens can help with laundry, wash dishes, clean floors and wash windows. Many older folks would also willingly pay for a young person to come help them learn to use their computer or smart phone.

Have a Car Wash

Hold a car wash out in the driveway and invite your neighbors to come. Washing cars can be a pretty big task, so they might want to enlist a business partner like a friend or sibling to make the jobs go a little faster.

Sell Crafts

If you’ve got a really crafty kid, help them open a store on Etsy to peddle their wares. They’ll have the chance to get some great computer skills while making money doing something they love. On a local level, check out local craft fairs to see if they have a discounted rate for young entrepreneurs setting up a table.

Sell Lemonade or Bottled Water

A street that has heavier foot traffic or safe places that cars can stop, is a great spot for selling lemonade or bottled water. Just be sure to check your local laws before setting up any stand selling food or beverages.

Help with Gardening and Yard Work

Though they might not be ready to handle mowing lawns, tweens can rake leaves, pull weeds, and help with harvesting vegetables in the garden. Kids who love to be outdoors and get their hands dirty will enjoy this as a summer job.

There are so many creative ways that kids can make money this summer! Give them the space to figure out their business plan and the support they need to carry it through. By summer’s end, they’ll have learned the value of hard work and the satisfaction of earning money and buying something themselves.

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