The Best Dance Competition Checklist

Printable packing checklist for dancers. Print this before any dance competition or dance recital as a packing checklist for dance moms.


Printable Checklist for Dance Competitions and Recitals

I’ve found that the best way to get organized before a recital or competition is to have a great dance competition checklist. My daughter moved from dancing in ballet recitals to dancing competitively about four and a half years ago and I’m sharing with you what I pack for each competition. This is the best dance competition checklist to keep you organized, stress-free, and focused on having fun. This list is for mini dancers but can be used for older dancers by adding a few things they’ll need at competitions.

Is Everything a Dancer Needs Included on this List?

Nope. I don’t pack everything my dancer could possibly need for a costume emergency, makeup mishap, hair catastrophe. It takes up too much space in the dance bag. On solo days I just pack a duffel bag with the essentials. I know moms who use the popular rolling duffles, rolling garment racks, and moms who pack each costume in a plastic bin. Some just put each costume into a gallon ziplock bag and label them by dance. There isn’t a wrong way to transport your costumes and supplies as long as they get there and are ready to wear.

How do I know What to Pack?

I pack what I think my kids will need, but if another mom needs a band-aid or hair-tie, I’ve got their back. If not, we go without and no one freaks out. There have been times when dancers from our studio have forgotten to pack gloves for a costume, shoes, and even the costumes themselves. We figure out what will work and go with it. This isn’t reality tv.

The Best Competition Dance Checklist has all the essentials for competition dance or recital day.  Click the link below to get your free printable checklist.

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