Cooking with Kids Easy Pie Recipe

Easy min-cherry pies for kids. Get kids cooking with these yummy hand pies! #kidsinthekitchen #cookingwithkids #recipes

My tween daughter loves to get in the kitchen and bake. I’m always looking for recipes she can make on her own, or with little help from me. She likes to be independent in the kitchen and I’m totally cool with sitting back and enjoying the finished treat. Here’s an easy pie recipe for kids that takes very little time. Make them as a sweet dessert or as a breakfast for mom!

Easy Cherry Hand Pie Recipe


easy pie recipe

· 1 Can of cherry pie filling
· 1 Pre-made pie crust (makes 4-6 hand pies)
· 2 T Cream cheese (optional)
· 2 T Melted butter
· Sugar crystal sprinkles


· Cookie sheet
· Circular shaped cookie cutter or a wide-mouthed glass
· Fork
· Spoon
· Bowl


Pre-heat the oven to 375F

Empty the cherry pie filling in a bowl and stir in the cream cheese. Set aside.

easy mini pies
Roll out the pre-made pie crust and use the open end of the glass to cut a circular shape in the dough. Cut two circles for each hand pie you’ll be baking.


easy pie recipe
Spoon 2 T of filling on 1 of the 2 hand pie circles for each pie. The filling should only be in the center of the dough.


easy pie recipe

Place the second circle over the first and gently press down the edges to seal the filling in the pie.

Use a fork to create a decorative edge by pressing the prongs around the pie.

Cut a small X in the center top layer of the pie as a vent.

Bake for 10-12 minutes. While you wait for your hand pies to bake enjoy one of these great adventure books!

Brush with butter and pour sugar crystals over the pies.

Let cool and serve warm.

easy pie recipe

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