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tween parenting
tween parenting

Tween Parenting

Do you have a child between the ages of 8 and 12? If you do then you’re in the right place! Hi, I’m Becky and I’m the creator and writer behind Tween Parenting. Thanks for checking out my site all about parenting tweens! Have you visited my other website The Moments at Home? There you’ll find home projects, crafts, and activities for younger kids.

tween parenting

Get to know me…

I believe in letting kids learn through experience both socially and educationally. I want them to enjoy the magic of childhood without shielding them from important life lessons. My tween girl is a competitive dancer, artist, math whiz and book lover. My tween boy is a Minecraft obsessed, full of energy, nose in a book, sometimes swimmer with an incredible imagination. I’m figuring out this in-between time in my kids lives just like you, so let’s navigate the tween years together!

Get to know Tween Parenting…

I have two tweens that couldn’t be more different! Here at Tween Parenting I’ll be sharing family activities that your tween won’t find completely boring, recipes kids can cook themselves, and family meal ideas that tweens may actually eat. Art and literacy are extremely important to me, so I’ll be sharing art projects, craft ideas, and book recommendations for kids ages 8-12, along with S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, math) activities.

Tween Favorites

These days tweens are surrounded by technology. They learn of apps, movies, and other trends well before most parents. Together we can chat about what our tweens are doing, favorite trends, and things to be on alert for as parents of tweens in the new Tween Parenting Community.

Thanks again for stopping by! You can contact me through email at for media inquiries, questions, or more information about Tween Parenting.